Table 1 Brief summary of RNA editing and modification factors in C. elegans
C. elegansHuman OrthologDomainsDescription
Adenosine to inosine RNA editing
adr-1ADAD1dsRBD, adenosine deaminaseADR-1 physically interacts with ADR-2 and promotes editing of certain transcripts, ADR-1 can also inhibit editing by an unknown mechanism
adr-2ADAR2dsRBD, adenosine deaminaseADR-2 is the sole adenosine deaminase acting on mRNA in C. elegans
adbp-1 None identifiedADBP-1 is important for nuclear localization of ADR-2 and RNA editing
Possible mRNA editing and mRNA modification enzymes in C. elegans
cdd-1CDACytidine deaminaseLoss of cdd-1 affects uridine metabolism, may also be involved in C-U editing of mRNA
cdd-2CDACytidine deaminaseLoss of cdd-2 affects uridine metabolism, may also be involved in C-U editing of mRNA
nsun-2NSUN2RNA C5-methyltransferase, SAM- dependent methyltransferaseBased on homology, NSUN-2 is predicted to have cytosine methyltransferase activity on tRNA and mRNA
B0024.11PUS7Pseudouridine synthaseBased on homology, B0024.11 is predicted to have pseudouridylation activity on RNA
METTL3Adenine-N6-methyltransferaseNo known homolog
METTL14Adenine-N6-methyltransferaseNo known homolog
mett-10METTL16Adenine-N6-methyltransferaseBased on homology, METT-10 is predicted to have N6-methyltransferase activity on rRNA
  • This table describes factors that are currently known to act in adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing in C. elegans. In addition, this table includes factors that are predicted to function in different types of RNA modification of mRNA.