Table 2 Some useful GAL4 drivers for the Malpighian tubule
LineRegionAssociated withReference
c42Principal cells of main and lower tubule (also bar-shaped cells)?Rosay et al. (1997)
uro-GAL4Main segment principal cells of only third instar and adultSynthetic construct with Urate oxidase control regionTerhzaz et al. (2010)
capaR-GAL4Main segment principal cellsSynthetic construct with Capa receptor control regionTerhzaz et al. (2012)
c710Stellate cellsTeashirtSözen et al. (1997)
c724Stellate cellsTeashirtSözen et al. (1997)
Clc-a-GAL4Stellate cellsSynthetic construct with Clc-a control regionCabrero et al. (2014)
C649Bar-shaped cells?Sözen et al. (1997)
c507Lower tubule cellsAlk4Sözen et al. (1997)