Table 2 pol30-6 and pol30-79 cause high rates of mitotic recombination and gene conversion in diploids
% Dead:alive tetrads
Alleles0:41:32:23:14:0% Inviable sporesTotal tetradsStrain numbers
POL30/pol300093535240JRY11745, JRY11746
pol30-6/pol30-63020361143456JRY11686, JRY11714, JRY11715
pol30-6/pol30005020306340JRY11747, JRY11748
pol30-8/pol3000802005540JRY11749, JRY11750
pol30-79/pol30-7920113620144656JRY11688, JRY11716, JRY11717
pol30-79/pol30004045166538JRY11751, JRY11752
pol30-6/pol30-798812000342JRY11657, JRY11685
  • Spore inviability measurements. At least one, and up to three, independent diploids were sporulated and their tetrads dissected from each of the indicated genotypes. After 2–3 days of growth, tetrads were scored for inviability. The first five columns are the percentages of each combination of dead:alive spores per tetrad.