Table 1 Loss-of-silencing events in strains with defective POL30 alleles occurred predominantly in cycling cells
StrainAlleleArrested (switches/10,000 cells)No. of cells countedCycling (switches/10,000 divisionsNo. of divisions calculated
  • Quantification of CRASH switches in arrested and cycling cells for strains containing different POL30 alleles. Time courses for each strain were done in α-factor–arrested (40 nM) and cycling conditions over an 8-hr time frame with images taken every 5 or 7 min. Quantification was performed as described in Materials and Methods and took into account differences in generation time of each strain. The time course was performed once for POL30 and twice for pol30-6, pol30-8, and pol30-79, with results being combined from each experiment for the mutants.

  • a No switches were observed during the 8-hr time course, so we reported the upper limit of loss rates.