Table 1 Injection scheme for RNAi treatments in both sexes
Genotypic sexRNAi treatment
Genotypic female (III/III)(A) Phenotypic female (III/III) “females”(B) Phenotypic male (III/III) “sex-reversed males”
Genotypic male (IIIM/III)(C) Phenotypic male (IIIM/III) “IIIM males #1”(D) Phenotypic male (IIIM/III) “IIIM males #2”
  • Genotypic females with the Md-tra-RNAi treatment are sex-reversed to phenotypic males (B). The other genotypic females and males are not sex-reversed (A, C, and D); their phenotypic sexes are congruent with their genotypic sexes (i.e., normal males or females). RNAi, RNA interference.