Table 4 FIC indices in combination with caspofungin
Drug tested in combinationCombination drug MICFIC index (30°)Drug relationshipCombination drug MICFIC index, (37°)Drug relationship
Manumycin A5 µM0.508–0.75Synergistic1.25 µM0.562–0.75Synergistic
2BP25–50 µM0.266–0.625Synergistic to strongly synergistic12.5 µM0.188–0.531Synergistic to strongly synergistic
Nikkomycin Z100 µg/ml1AdditiveNDNDND
Clorgyline25–50 µM0.25–0.281Strongly synergistic25–50 µM0.18–0.625Synergistic to strongly synergistic
  • FIC, fractional inhibitory concentration; MIC, minimal inhibitory concentration; ND, not determined.