Table 1 Integrated Cre and Flp driver lines
PromoterReported ExpressionCopy numberReference
Cre recombinase
ges-1intestinemultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
myo-2pharynxmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
scm-1body wall musclesmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
dpy-7epidermismultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
unc-122coelomocytesmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
hsp-16.2heat shockmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
rgef-1pan-neuronalmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
unc-4DA and VAmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
unc-25DDmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
eat-4glutamatergic neuronsmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
che-2sensory neuronsmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
ttx-3AIYmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
mec-4touch receptor neuronsmultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
fig-1gliamultipleKage-Nakadai et al. (2014)
myo-3body wall musclessingleRuijtenberg and van den Heuvel (2015)
elt-2intestinesingleRuijtenberg and van den Heuvel (2015)
hlh-8M mesoblastsingleRuijtenberg and van den Heuvel (2015)
FLP recombinase
hsp-16.41heat shockmultipleVoutev and Hubbard (2008)
hsp-16.2heat shockmultipleVoutev and Hubbard (2008)
dat-1dopaminergic neuronssingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
dpy-7epidermissingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
elt-2intestinesingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
hlh-8M mesoblastsingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
hsp-16.41heat shocksingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
lag-2multiple including distal tip cellssingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
mec-7mechanosensory neuronssingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
myo-2pharyngeal musclessingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
myo-3body wall musclessingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
nhr-82seam cell lineagesingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
rgef-1pan-neuronalsingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
tph-1serotonin-producing neuronssingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)
unc-47GABAergic motor neuronssingleMuñoz-Jiménez et al. (2017)