Table 2 Average pairwise dS and dN for ORFs of M. annua from X/Y haplotype comparison within M. annua or against M. huetii and R. communis sequences
X/Y pairs0.0110.0020.182
X/M. huetii0.1120.0160.143
Y/M. huetii0.1130.0170.150
X/R. communis0.5480.0700.128
Y/R. communis0.5550.0700.126
M. annua/M. huetii0.1060.0140.149
M. annua/R. communis0.5650.0790.140
  • Autosomal ORF comparisons with the other species are also reported. Haplotypes with premature stop codons were excluded.