Table 1 List of mutations the fixed during the initial growth adaptation of ID8 and NC28
LineageProtein functionProtein nameAa positionEmbedded ImageNuc. positionEmbedded Image
ID8DNA packagingC80N → S1958A → G
CoatF355P → S3628C → T
SpikeG171T → A4493A → G
DNA pilotH82T → A4770C → T
DNA pilotH135H → Y4930G → A
NC28Scaffolding (lysis)D (E)129 (69)A (K) → S (N)2903G → T
CoatF272silent3904A → G
DNA pilotH10V → A5116T → C
  • A list of all mutations that fixed during the initial growth optimization of ID8 and NC28 performed by Rokyta et al. (2009), including the nucleotide and amino acid changes, and a description of the affected proteins. Certain regions of the bacteriophage genome have overlapping genes, indicated with the second affected gene in parentheses. Aa, amino acid; Nuc., nucleotide.