Table 3 Summary of semi-quantitative RT-PCR results for the 27 strains developed
PleGene/genomic regionRegions testedRT-PCR resultsChosen for detailed characterization
252SLITRK6Telenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonWeakNo
270AGTR1Telenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonWeakNo
272CLDN5Olfactory Bulb, CBStrongYes; see Figure 2 and Table 4
274CRHOlfactory Bulb, Telenceph (w/o hipp), Hindbrain (w/o CB)Very weakYes; see Figure 3 and Table 4
277HTR1BTelenceph (w/o hipp), CBVery weakNo
278KCNA4Olfactory Bulb, Telencephalon, DiencephalonStrongNo
281NEUROD6Cortex, HippStrongNo
283NPY2RTelenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonStrongNo
286SOX3Olfactory Bulb, Telencephalon, HippStrongNo
287SPRY1Olfactory Bulb, Telencephalon, HippStrongNo
67FEVDiencephalon, Midbrain, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongNo
94GPR88Telenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonStrongNo
155PCP2Eyes, Diencephalon, CBStrongYes; see Figure 4 and Table 4
198SLC6A4Olfactory Bulb, Diencephalon, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongYes; see Figure 6 and Table 4
232TNNT1Hipp, Diencephalon, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongNo
251C8ORF46Olfactory Bulb, Telenceph (w/o hipp), HippStrongNo
253PITX3Diencephalon, Midbrain, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongNo
264NR2E1Olfactory Bulb, Telenceph (w/o hipp), HippStrongYes; see Figure 5 and Table 4
265PCP2Eyes, Diencephalon, CBStrongYes; see Figure 7 and Table 4
266S100BMidbrain, Hindbrain (w/o CB), CBStrongNo
267UGT8Diencephalon, Midbrain, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongNo
304OLIG1Telenceph (w/o hipp), Diencephalon, MidbrainStrongNo
N/APhs671Eyes, Telenceph (w/o hipp), HippStrongNo
N/APhs1218Telenceph (w/o hipp), Diencephalon, MidbrainStrongNo
N/APHspa1aaTelenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonStrongNo
N/APCAGGSTelenceph (w/o hipp), Hipp, DiencephalonStrongNo
N/AP(none)Telenceph (w/o hipp), Diencephalon, Hindbrain (w/o CB)StrongNo
  • Two to three key regions of interest were chosen for each strain and RNA prepared from N2 male mice. RT-PCR bands were scored as either: strong, weak, or very weak. MaxiPromoters are described first, followed by MiniPromoters below the line. CB, cerebellum; Hipp, hippocampus; N/AP, not applicable; Ple, Pleiades promoter; Telenceph, telencephalon; w/o, without.

  • a Synonym Hsp68.