Table 2 Summary of one-shot Nested CRISPR experiments
ExperimentPlates with dpy-10 edits/injected wormsStep 1 positives/worms screened (%)aStep 2 positives/worms screened (%)a
prpf-4::mCherry11/2925/38 (65.79)16/77 (20.78)b
gtbp-1::EGFP6/283/40 (7.50)0/40 (0)
pgl-1::EGFP2/224/25 (16.00)1/25 (4.00)
F27C1.2::wrmScarlet7/227/40 (17.50)7/144 (4.86)b
EGFP::nfki-15/2628/70 (40.00)0/70 (0)
  • a Based on PCR genotyping (amplicons of the correct size are considered positives regardless of whether or not the insertion is in-frame).

  • b Identification of positives via visual screening.