Table 1 HP1a-deficient ovaries exhibit various nuclear defects
GenotypeMultiple nucleiOvercondensed nucleiJoined egg chambersAccumulation of early stage egg chambersn
w111806 (0.0%)00344
Su(var)2-5044 (0.0%)6 (0.0%)00484
Su(var)2-504; HP1a RNAi#1248 (74.6%)194 (58.4%)92 (27.7%)68 (20.4%)332
Su(var)2-504; EGFP RNAi#18 (0.0%)10 (0.0%)02 (0.0%)396
Su(var)2-504; HP1a RNAi#2280 (85.3%)172 (52.4%)180 (34.1%)46 (14.0%)528
Su(var)2-504; EGFP RNAi#216 (0.0%)4 (0.0%)4 (0.0%)0412
  • For each genotype, the percentage of ovarioles with the indicated phenotypes was calculated from the total number (n) counted in two independent experiments. “Multiple nuclei” indicates > 16 nuclei in an egg chamber (refer to Figure 1C, e and f). The percentage reported in the Results section is the average percentage from those of HP1a RNAi #1 and HP1a RNAi #2. RNAi, RNA interference; EGFP, enhanced GFP.