Table 1 Summary of shared dex-1 and ZP mutant phenotypes
dex-1 mutant phenotypeZP mutants with this phenotypeReferences
Dendrite extension defect (Dex)dyf-7Heiman and Shaham 2009
Excretory tube defects (Exc)let-653,Gill et al. 2016;
dyf-7 (synthetic with dex-1)Heiman and Shaham 2009; this study
Pharynx ingressed (Pin)fbn-1,Kelley et al. 2015;
dyf-7This study
L1 Dpy/alae defectscut-3, cut-5Sapio et al. 2005;
This study
Dauer Dpy/alae defectscut-6,Muriel et al. 2003;
cut-1, cut-5Sapio et al. 2005;
Flatt et al., 2019