Table 1 Summary of the major QTL with significance for several weeks from both male N2 (NZOxC3H and NZOx129P2) populations
NameChrTraitsPeak Pos (cM)95% C.I. (cM)Closest SNP marker (Mbp)Max. LODSignif. weeks (max. effect)Mean NZO/NZOMean NZO/C3H or NZO/129P2Cross
Nbg4p4BG2823–3158.15.815–20 (17)234 mg/dl307 mg/dlNx129
Nbg4d4BG4438–4797.37.412–20 (17)230 mg/dl306 mg/dlNx129
Nbg4d4BG4238–521196.614–20 (20)291 mg/dl389 mg/dlNxC
Pancr. ins4544–511194.22112.9 µg/mg6.2 µg/mgNxC
Plasma ins4044–621194.32110.8 µg/liter7.2 µg/literNxC
Nbw44BW3216–4191.08.26–20 (19)69.1 g62.7 gNxC
Nbg7p7BG127–2737.313.33, 6–20 (10)369 mg/dl247 mg/dlNxC
BW177–2237.37.412–20 (17)59.8 g65.4 gNxC
LM114–2137.38.61531.5 g33.2 gNxC
Plasma ins1713–2537.34.8216.5 µg/liter11.3 µg/literNxC
Nbg7d7BG2623–2976.712.56–16 (10)374 mg/dl252 mg/dlNxC
Nbg15p15BG2318–3063.36.77–20 (15)409 mg/dl310 mg/dlNxC
Nbg15d15BG4134–47986.57–20 (10)349 mg/dl272 mg/dlNxC
  • LOD scores, peak positions, and 95% confidence intervals (Bayesian method) were calculated by R/qtl software. NZOxC3H: n = 269–329 males, NZOx129P2: n = 285–290 males. Chr, chromosome; Pos, Position; max., maximum; Signif., significant; NZO, New Zealand Obese; BG, blood glucose; N, NZO; C, C3H; Pancr., Pancreas; ins, insulin; BW, body weight; LM, lean mass.