Table 2 Novel loci associated with BMI (P ≤ 5 × 10−8) in the GERA multiethnic meta-analysis that replicate in GIANT+UKB
rs200870675i377,646,862ROBO2TG/T0.3980.970.0264.7 × 10−90.0123.6 × 10−10
rs513357i669,558,698ADGRB3A/G0.1240.990.0364.4 × 10−80.0119.8 × 10−5
rs7938308i1113,320,533ARNTLC/T0.7120.970.0272.7 × 10−80.0121.0 × 10−9
  • Genomic contexts within genes, or surrounding genes, are given. Replication test is given by the GIANT+UKB meta-analysis. GERA P-values are based on the multiethnic meta-analysis of GWAS (81,278 non-Hispanic whites, 8322 Hispanic/Latinos, 7290 East Asians, 3069 African Americans, and 459 South Asians) from the GERA sex-combined data set; GIANT+UKB P-values are based on the multiethnic meta-analysis of the European ancestry GIANT cohort members and the UKB (GIANT: 234,069 non-Hispanic whites; UKB: 431,743 non-Hispanic whites, 7620 mixed/other, 9275 South Asians, 1822 East Asians, and 8261 African British). GERA, Genetic Epidemiology Research on Adult Health and Aging cohort; GIANT, Genetic Investigation of Anthropomorphic Traits consortium; UKB, UK Biobank; Chr., chromosome; Bp, base pair (based on University of California Santa Cruz Genome Browser Assembly February 2009: GRCh37/hg19); Freq., frequency; Info., information; β, β coefficient.

  • a Genomic context: i, intron; no label is intergenic.