Table 3 Overproliferation severity and epistasis of SCFPROM-1 and GLD-1or GLD-2 pathway gene double mutants with glp-1
GenotypeAdult overproliferation (%)naOverproliferation severity in adultsb
gld-1; glp-1020
fog-1 gld-1;glp-110020+
gld-1 prom-1100>100+++
gld-1 prom-1; glp-1100>100+
gld-2 prom-1100>100++
gld-2 prom-1; glp-1100>100++
prom-1; gld-310090++
prom-1; gld-3; glp-110045+
gld-1 skr-2100100++
gld-1 skr-2; glp-110030+
gld-2 skr-228112+
gld-2 skr-2; glp-1Glpc30
skr-2; gld-391121+
skr-2; gld-3; glp-1100196+
gld-4 prom-1e10030+
  • a Number of gonad arms analyzed.

  • b Overproliferation severity was qualitatively determined based on number of S-phase nuclei. Overproliferation of gld-1 mutant germline is arbitrarily taken as ++, and gonads from age-matched animals of different genotypes are classified as less severe (+) or more severe (+++) than gld-1 mutant germlines.

  • c All germ cells entered meiosis but are arrested with a pachytene-like morphology.

  • d Hermaphrodites grown at 25°.

  • e Hermaphrodites grown at 25°.