Table 1 gld-1 prom-1 double mutant overproliferation phenotype is not germline sex specific (at 25°)
GenotypeSexOnly sperm (%)Overproliferation (%)anb
gld-1; fem-3(gf)Hermaphrodite7426c69
gld-1 prom-1/+; fem-3(gf)Hermaphrodite100035
gld-1 prom-1; fem-3(gf)Hermaphrodite010077
gld-1 prom-1Hermaphrodite010032
  • a Animals 18 hr past mid-L4 were dissected and ascertained for overproliferation through REC-8 and HIM-3 staining as well as chromatin morphology.

  • b Number of gonad arms analyzed.

  • c A proximal tumor after a zone of sperm, a phenotype associated with gld-1 mutant males grown at 25° (Priti and Subramaniam 2015).