Table 1 SPR-5-interacting proteins identified by LC-MS analysis
Protein nameSPR-5::GFP::HAControl
RCOR-145Not detected
SPR-118Not detected
SPR-5268Not detected
FNCM-13Not detected
  • Immunoprecipitations from spr-5::GFP::HA and wild-type (N2) whole-worm extracts with antibodies against either HA or GFP were analyzed by LC-MS. The FA FANCM homolog in C. elegans, FNCM-1, was identified with both anti-HA and anti-GFP antibodies. The wild-type (N2) extract was used as a negative control to remove false positive hits. SPR-5-interacting proteins that were identified in both anti-HA and anti-GFP pull-downs are listed. Numbers indicate the total mass spectra collected from two samples.