Table 1 Comparison of our cell contact map with a previous map (Hench et al. 2009) and the contacting cell pairs with known Notch signaling interaction
Contacting cellsNotchaOur mapPrevious map (Hench et al. 2009)Remarks
MS→ABalpYesYes8/8Second Notch
MS→ABaraYesYes8/8Second Notch
ABalapa→ABplaaaYesYes8/8Third Notch
ABalapp→ABplaaaYesNob8/8Third Notch
MSapp→ABplpapp?Yes6/6Fourth Notch
MSapa→ABplpapp?No6/6Fourth Notch
MSappp→ABplpppp?Yes4/5Fifth Notch
MS→ABalaNoNo1/8Second Notch
MS→ABarpNoNo7/8Second Notch
  • ? indicates ambiguity in signaling cell identity. NA, not applicable.

  • a Existing knowledge on Notch signaling.

  • b Could be a false negative due to cutoff of contact area.