Table 2 Detection rate of Embedded Image as simulation parameters vary
Parameter variedTested values
No. individuals phenotyped100050025010050
 Detection rate10.990.830.40.21
Proportion of individuals selected0.
 Detection rate0.950.991.01.0
No. of generations of selection1005020101
 Detection rate00.811.01.00.18
Phenotyping generation20100
 Detection rate110.86
No. of generations postselection52050100
 Detection rate110.260
  • Aside from whichever parameter was being explored, simulations assumed 20 generations of selection with a selected proportion of 0.2, a genetic architecture of 1000 QTL, a selection population consisting of 500 males and 500 females, and the additional parameters of our “generalized” selection scenario are given in Table S1.