Table 1 True-positive and false-positive rates for Embedded Image and selection mapping
Genetic architecture10 QTL50 QTL100 QTL1000 QTL10,000 QTL
Embedded Image
 True-positive rate0.040.540.941.01.0
 False-positive rate0.
FST-based selection mapping
 Mean no. true positives (rate)5.6 (56%)22 (44%)39 (39%)187 (18.7%)1676 (16.8%)
 Mean no. false positives522807151745
  • One Embedded Image test is conducted per simulation, so the true- and false-positive rates shown are simply the proportion of positives in selection simulations and no-selection simulations, respectively. For selection mapping, one test is conducted per marker in each simulation, so the mean number of markers that were declared true and false positives is shown. A marker was declared a false positive in selection mapping if it exceeded a 5% simulation-based, experiment-wide significance threshold but was not within a 0.1-cM region around a simulated QTL. Note that there are no selection mapping false positives in the 10,000 QTL simulation because every marker was within 0.1 cM of a simulated QTL.