Table 1 Term enrichment for genes with differential expression in séance-RNAi ring gland samples
Term (n)NumberFold enrichmentP-valueGenes
Up (360)
 Ecdysone biosynthesis (8)315.151.79E−10sad phm spok
 Oxidoreductase (275)192.791.77E−06CG32557 Cyp18a1 sad phm CG9512 CG7675 P5CDh1 Cyp4g1 CG5167 CG31937 spok Cyp6a13 Trx-2 CG3719 Drat AOX3 Cyp6a9 Cyp317a1 v(2)k05816
 Glutathione transferase (39)55.183.12E−05GstS1 GstE14/nobo GstT4 GstD9 GstD10
 Cytochrome P450 (87)83.725.19E−05Cyp18a1 sad phm Cyp4g1 spok Cyp6a13 Cyp6a9 Cyp317a1
 Nuclear receptor (21)11.92nsftz-f1
Down (248)
 Ecdysone biosynthesis (8)17.331.83E−02nvd
 Oxidoreductase (275)30.64nsCyp4e2 CG14946 nvd
 Glutathione transferase (39)00nsn/a
 Cytochrome P450 (87)10.67nsCyp4e2
 Nuclear receptor (21)411.178.07E−10knrl Hr4 kni Eip75B
  • Manually curated term enrichment analysis. For DAVID (the Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery)-based GO term analysis, see Tables S1 and S2 in File S2. Bold indicates genes with known roles in ecdysone homeostasis. (n) = presents how often the term is represented in the Drosophila melanogaster genome (e.g., eight ecdysone biosynthetic genes). This analysis is based on 360 significantly upregulated and 248 significantly downregulated, as detected by RNA sequencing in phm > séance-RNAi ring gland samples vs. controls. P-values based on χ2 test. ns, not significant.