Table 1 Hermaphrodite gonad output at 15°
Wild-type (N2)glp-1(bn18)ts
Germ cells entering meiosisa (per hr)15.4 ± 3.110.7 ± 1.9
Embryo productionb (oocyte production)c (per hr)2.08 ± 0.451.49 ± 0.22
(n = 44)(n = 34)
Calculated nurse cell productiond (per hr)13.39.2
Nurse cells as fraction of germ cells entering meiosis86.5%86.1%
Total germ cells required per oocyte7.47.2
Time required for proliferative zone to supply nuclei for one oocytee28 min41 min
Fecundity (progeny per self-brood)321 ± 45300 ± 17
(n = 8)(n = 10)
  • a Proliferative zone output rate from Fox and Schedl (2015; see Table 2b).

  • b Embryo production rate for day 2 adult animals (130–160 hr posthatch, see Figure 8) is divided by 2 to obtain the contribution of each gonad.

  • c For the purposes of this calculation, the number of mature oocytes produced per gonad is estimated to be the same as the number of embryos produced per gonad (< 1% of laid eggs are unfertilized oocytes).

  • d Nurse cells are defined here as any germ cell fate other than oocyte (the difference of lines 1 and 2).

  • e The proliferative zone output rate (line 1) is used to calculate the time required to produce sufficient germ cell nuclei to support the production of one oocyte [average of 7.3 germ cell nuclei (line 5)].