Table 1 Strains with telomere dysfunction have increased rates of white colony formation
TER1 alleleTelomere lengthTotal colonies observedWhite colonies observedPercentage of white colonies (%)Median
Wild-type400–600 bp57,9830<0.0020.00% (18)
ter1Variable length >100 bp at senescence32,48415604.8011.49% (27)
stn1-M1Very long and heterogenous55,2721730.311.30% (22)
stn1-M1 ter1ΔVery long and heterogenous78,1877971.022.44% (18)
taq-28C75–150 bp134,375900.070.02% (30)
  • Dilution plates were examined for white colony formation in seven strains with varying levels of telomere function. The number of independent isolates used to generate the median frequency of white colonies is indicated in parentheses in the median column. Median frequency of white colonies formed was calculated from the average number of white colonies formed across the different independent isolates (see Materials and Methods for detailed description).