Table 2 Attributes and features of the replicated MA sites with significant Embedded Image
CpG SiteLocationMethylation Change with AgeNearest GeneGenomic Features and States
cg02914422Chr 7: 32110145Age-methylatedPDE1CCpG island
Polycomb repressed
CTCF-binding site
cg05691152Chr 22: 38092978Age-methylatedTRIOBPTFBS
Weak/poised enhancer
CTCF-binding site
cg13672736Chr 9: 135114066Age-demethylatedNTNG2CpG shelf
Weakly transcribed
cg25038330Chr 10: 463561Age-demethylatedDIP2CCpG shelf
Hetrochromatin; low signal
  • Chr, chromosome; TFBS, transcription factor-binding site.