Table 3 QTL detection results for the different traits
Without SCAWith SCA
DMC10 (4)32.460.127.640.963.832.447.9
DMY12 (5)21.949.527.735.555.134.243.9
DtSILK9 (2)15.046.631.436.951.536.743.2
  • Shown are the QTL detection results for the different traits: DMC, DMY, female flowering time (DtSILK), and PH. For each trait we indicated the number of QTL detected (No.) and between brackets the number of these QTL showing significant SCA effects at a 5% individual risk level, the proportion of the phenotypic variance (R2QTL, in %), and of the within-population phenotypic variance (R2*QTL, in %) explained by the detected QTL (with and without including SCA effects in the model). The percentage of variance explained by the population effect is also indicated (R2pop).