Table 1 QTL markers identified, mapped and retained for each of six salmonid species
SpeciesNumber of Markers CompiledNumber and Percentage of Markers MappedNumber and Percentage of Redundant MarkersTotal Nonredundant Markers Retained
Rainbow trout168132 (78.6%)38 (28.8%)94 (55.9%)
Chinook salmon2420 (83.0%)5 (25.0%)15 (62.5%)
Coho salmon6644 (66.7%)30 (68.2%)14 (21.2%)
Arctic charr387268 (69.3%)117 (43.7%)151 (39.0%)
Atlantic salmon9482 (87.2%)31 (37.8%)51 (54.3%)
Lake whitefish204129 (63.2%)47 (36.4%)82 (40.2%)
  • For each species, the number of QTL markers that were compiled from the literature, the number and percentage of markers that were uniquely mapped to the Atlantic salmon (Sa. salar) genome, and the total number of retained markers after removing redundant markers.