Table 1 Meta-analysis of Muc5b and Bpifb1 gene expression in previous studies
Differential expression: fold change vs. control
GEO IDArray platformMouse strainAllergenTissuentreat/ncontrolMuc5bP-valueBpifb1P-value
GSE1301aAffymetrix mouse expression 430A arrayNot reportedHDMWhole lung3/32.686.73E−052.678.56E−03
GSE13032bAffymetrix mouse genome 430 2.0 arrayA/J and C57BL/6JOVAWhole lung3/3 A/J, 3/3 C57BL/6J2.661.62E−061.861.28E−06
GSE13382Agilent-014868 whole mouse genome microarray 4x44KNot reportedOVAWhole lung3/31.486.87E−021.613.61E−02
GSE1438Custom arraysBALB/cOVAWhole lung5/51.552.50E−011.601.10E−01
GSE19223bAffymetrix mouse exon 1.0 ST arrayC57BL/6J and BALB/cJHDMWhole lung11/12 C57BL/6J, 11/14 BALB/cJ2.217.45E−033.772.11E−03
GSE27066cAffymetrix mouse genome 430 2.0 arrayC57BL/6OVAWhole lung4/4−1.144.27E−03−1.435.21E−01
GSE34764Affymetrix mouse gene 1.0 ST arrayC57BL/6AlternariaAirway epithelia3/31.383.05E−021.211.02E−02
GSE6858Affymetrix mouse genome 430 2.0 arrayBALB/cJOVAWhole lung4/43.895.74E−042.679.64E−03
Meta-analysis P-value1.48E−131.81E−10
  • a Some studies included additional mice with engineered mutations which were not included in this meta-analysis.

  • b Analysis adjusted for strain.

  • c No upregulation of Muc5ac detected in this study.