Table 1 Number of seeds (Embedded Image) harvested from induction crosses and number (Embedded Image) of DH lines (D1 generation) for five European maize landraces and elite crosses from the flint germplasm pool. HIR, SR, RR, and OSR in development of DH lines were calculated as described in Supplemental Notes in File S1
Source GermplasmEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageHIRSRRROSR
Landraces (LR)
Gelber Badischer(GB)113,596591.24f64.74c5.81b3.76c
Rheinthaler (RT)44,557431.86e64.79c7.33b4.75c
Strenzfelder (SF)41,779612.81a71.47b6.76b4.83c
Satu Mare (SM)114,7121081.96d69.54bc6.50b4.52c
Walliser (WA)68,3561172.83a68.26bc7.31b4.99c
Elite crosses (EC)35,3271372.54c75.35a15.33a11.55a
  • Values followed by the same letter are not significantly different at Bonferroni corrected P < 0.05.

  • *,** Mean of the landraces and elite crosses materials differed at the 0.05 and 0.01 probability level, respectively.