Table 3 Sexual dimorphisms of sex-shared neurons
Neuron ClassNeuron TypeInferred Neurotransmitter Change in the MaleHermaphroditesMales
Synaptic Output PartneraNumber of SectionsSynaptic Output PartneraNumber of Sections
AIMbInterneuronswitch (Glu→ACh)171286138
PHCcInter/sensoryeat-4 up1013530774
unc-47 on
AVGInterneuronunc-17 up146718103
PVNInterneuroneat-4 on2319233317
unc-47 on
PVWInterneuron5HT on31500
ADFSensoryunc-47 on2033812195
PQRSensoryunc-47 off1210216212
PDBInter/motorneuronunc-47 on336 (+12 NMJ)24237 (+50 NMJ)
AS10dMotorneuronunc-47 on (?)2 (+10 NMJ)302 (+7 NMJ)28
DA07dMotorneuronunc-47 on (?)6 (+38 NMJ)757 (+38 NMJ)76
AS11Motorneuronunc-47 on335 (+9 NMJ)346 (+23 NMJ)
  • Glu, glutamate; ACh, acetycholine; NMJ, neuromuscular junction.

  • a Only connections observed in more than one section were considered in this calculation. Connectivity data is from (Jarrell et al., 2012).

  • b Pereira et al. (2015).

  • c Serrano-Saiz et al. (2017).

  • d AS10 and DA07 could not be disambiguated. Only one of the two is sexually dimorphic for unc-47/VGAT expression.