Table 3 FST statistics for pairwise comparison of the original landraces (S0 generation) and derived DH lines (D1 generation) for five European maize landraces (BU, GB, RT, SC, and SF). FST values for the S0 generation are shown above the diagonal, and those for the D1 generation below the diagonal. FST statistics for comparison of the S0 and D1 generation of each landrace are given on the diagonal. All values were calculated on the basis of 28,133 SNPs and significantly (P < 0.01) greater than zero
Bugard (BU)2.416.519.016.115.0
Gelber Badischer (GB)
Rheinthaler (RT)
Schindelmeiser (SC)
Strenzfelder (SF)
  • Values were multiplied by 102