Table 1 Founder contribution to the genomes of the CC strains
With eight founders onlyMRCAsAut12.4113.5913.9314.2114.489.588.6313.16
With eight founders onlySequencedAut12.2613.4914.2314.4914.279.458.6313.18
With eight founders onlySequencedX10.6316.8122.8418.9912.354.584.858.95
With eight founders onlySequencedY687118853
With missing foundersSequencedY12315010
With eight founders onlySequencedM19*15719*6225
With missing foundersSequencedM7*027*2101
  • For the autosomes and the X chromosome the table shows the percentage of contribution of each founder. For chromosome Y and mitochondria the table shows the number of CC strains in each haplogroup. *, the mitochondria of A/J and NOD/ShiLtJ cannot be distinguished by sequencing so the total number of CC strains sharing these haplotypes are shown in both columns.