Table 2 Distribution of Wc in white-maize inbreds and landraces
VarietyWca presentGrain colorbAccession
Puebla 32, MexicoWcPale yellowPI484595
Puebla 27, Puebla, MexicoWcseg white, yellowPI628480
Puebla 42, MexicoWcseg white, yellowPI388974
Lima 19, PeruWcseg white, yellowPI485353
Jalisco 43, MexicoWcseg white, yellowPI483560
Country GentlemanWcWhiteNSL5613
Tzi8, NigeriaWcWhitePI506246
Chile 301, Santiago ChileWcWhitePI485410
Santander S 356, ColumbiaWcWhitePI445401
Boyaca 462, ColumbiaWcWhitePI444165
NC336WcWhiteAmes 27164
CML10WcWhiteAmes 27072
K55, KansasWcWhiteAmes 22754
Mexico 37WcWhiteAmes 19558
White Dent OPWcWhiteAmes 04836
Hays White, WIWcWhiteAmes 01829
Cuzco 9, Lima PeruWc-fPale yellowPI503671
Huancavelica 147, PeruWc-fWhitePI571793
CML218Wc-fWhiteAmes 27086
CML91Wc-fWhiteAmes 27079
Aguascalientes 8, MexicoWhitePI484401
White midgetWhiteNSL5631
NC33WhiteAmes 27139
I29WhiteAmes 27115
Guanajuato 36, MexicoWhiteAmes 19481
Guerrero 3, MexicoWhiteAmes 19467
  • a Wc genotype was determined by Southern blots probed with Ccd1 for presence of an intense 6.1-kb Bam HI fragment. Wc-f indicates presence of a faint band consistent with a low-copy number Wc allele.

  • b Phenotypes were recorded for seed grown for this experiment; seg, segregating.