Table 4 Effective population size estimates under the model IIM3
PopulationPopulation size95% confidence intervals
WaldProfile likelihood
Ancestral population Embedded Image3.549(3.362, 3.736)(3.362, 3.735)
D. simulans, migration stage (N)3.640(3.404, 3.877)(3.359, 3.880)
D. melanogaster, migration stage Embedded Image2.092(0.085, 4.099)(0.729, 5.433)
D. simulans, isolation stage Embedded Image7.182(6.949, 7.415)(6.957, 7.421)
D. melanogaster, isolation stage Embedded Image2.871(2.498, 3.243)(2.528, 3.276)
  • Effective population size estimates for the data of Wang and Hey (2010). Values are in millions of diploid individuals.