Table 4 Mutation rates in an S288c strain containing MLH1 and PMS1 genes derived from S288c, SK1, and YJM523
MLH1–PMS1 genotypeLys+ reversion rate (10−7), [95% C.I. (10−7)]Relative raten
S288c–S288c, compatible4.1 (1.7–13.8)113
S288c–SK1, incompatible311 (111–919)a7516
YJM523/555–YJM523/555808 (566–4,450)a19639
mlh1Δ, pms1Δ45,300 (13,170–126,800)a10,97010
  • EAY1365 (relevant genotype mlh1Δ::KanMX4, pms1Δ::KanMX4) was transformed with ARS–CEN plasmids containing the MLH1 and PMS1 genes obtained from the indicated strain or isolate (Table S1 and Table S2 in File S3). Independent cultures (n) were examined for reversion to Lys+. Median mutation rates are presented with 95% confidence intervals, and relative mutation rates compared to the wild-type strain are shown.

  • a Significantly different from S288c–S288c (P < 0.001, Mann–Whitney test).