Table 7 Comparison of converted estimates obtained with IM and IIM models
Embedded ImageIM1IIM3
Time since onset of speciation3.0403.2403.624
Time since isolation1.503
Size of ancestral population3.0604.3103.549
Current size of D. simulans population5.9906.1207.182
Current size of D. melanogaster population2.4402.7002.871
Size of D. simulans population during IIM gene flow period3.640
Size of D. melanogaster population during IIM gene flow period2.092
Migration rate (D. simulans Embedded Image D. melanogaster)0.0130.0120.064
Migration rate (D. melanogasterEmbedded Image D. simulans)0.0000.000
  • Times are given in millions of years; population sizes are given in millions of individuals; the migration rates stated represent the number of sequences that migrate per generation, forward in time. The model Embedded Image is the IM model fitted by Wang and Hey (2010).