Table 1 Results for three different selection tests on three different regions upstream of ZmYAB2.1
DescriptionPair-wise HKA testTajima’s DCoalescent simulationDiversity loss (%)
68 kb upstream ZmYAB2.10.58770.97890.9477−0.58360.53460.2864
34 kb upstream of ZmYAB2.10.95110.98120.3329−0.55340.98300.1467
5′ region of ZmYAB2.10.0082*0.48210.1057−0.88870.43780.4375
  • P values are shown for pair-wise HKA test and coalescent simulation, where the significant P value is marked with an asterisk (*). Tajima’s D statistic is shown for Tajima’s test, however, no significance is found. HKA, Hudson–Kreitman–Aguade.