Table 2

Plasmid constructs used in this study

PlasmidMain featuresSource or reference
pJH33/pMK440pRS316-HTA1-HTB1 HHT2-HHF2Luo et al. (2010)
pJL512 μm URA3 pADH1-3xHA-SGO1-tADH1This study
pJL52ARS1 CEN4 URA3 pADH1-3xHA-tADH1This study
pJL53ARS1 CEN4 URA3 pADH1-3xHA-SGO1-tADH1This study
pJL55pGEX-4T-1 3xHA-SGO1This study
pJL74pRS315-HTA1-HTB1This study
pMK1202 μm URA3 vector with CUP1 promoterKuo et al. (1998)
pMK1442 μm URA3 pCUP1-GCN5Kuo et al. (1998)
pMK144E173H2 μm URA3 pCUP1-gcn5E173HKuo et al. (1998)
pMK144F221A2 μm URA3 pCUP1-gcn5F221AKuo et al. (1998)
pMK5722 μm URA3 vector with ADH1 promoter and terminatorLuo et al., (2010)
pMK5732 μm URA3 SGO1Luo et al., (2010)
pQQ18/pMK439pRS315-HTA1-HTB1 HHT2-HHF2Luo et al., (2010)
pXD322 μm URA3 RPD3 with ADH1 promoter and terminatorThis study
pXD332 μm URA3 rpd3H150A with ADH1 promoter and terminatorThis study