Table A4 Estimating parameter values from MMR-deficient crosses
ExpectationObserved per 1000Meiotic pathwayMitotic pathway
FC in mlh1g(P + D)20.56.417.3
HC in mlh1(1 − g)(1 − v)P + (1 − g)D170.973.697.3
FC in msh2g(P + D) + (1 − g)D/260.543.217.3
HC in msh2(1g)(1 − v)P97.30.097.3
  • From these four equations and the observed numbers/1000 tetrads (Table A3), the values: g = 0.08; P = 216; D = 80; v = 0.51 were extracted by solving simultaneous equations. The values for the two pathways are separately indicated. The steps in extraction of the parameters assured that the sums of the estimated contributions from the two pathways would equal the observed value for all but the smallest class (FC in mlh1).