Table 2 Top hits from genome-wide association studies of ACC in all sheep, females and males
SNP InformationABMAFDataPVSNPProp. VAEffect ABEffect BB
OAR3_51273010.1AG0.44All sheep0.220.02<0.01−0.58−0.46
Chr. 3(0.03)(0.34)(0.41)
Position: 48,101,207Females0.890.01<
Males1.15 × 1060.320.18−2.82−2.05
OAR3_87207249.1AC0.25All sheep1.95 × 1060.380.092.002.67
Chr. 3(0.27)(0.5)(0.52)
Position: 82,382,182Females5.82 × 10−60.330.072.863.18
s74824.1AG0.43All sheep2.92 × 10100.840.19−1.46−2.70
Chr. 6(0.26)(0.36)(0.42)
Position: 116,668,852Females1.07 × 10111.360.25−1.68−3.37
oar3_OAR6_116402578AG0.27All sheep2.62 × 10161.140.262.463.89
Chr. 6(0.4)(0.46)(0.49)
Position: 116,402,578Females1.83 × 10191.800.353.304.98
  • Results provided are from the Ovine SNP50 BeadChip and (below the line) the most highly associated imputed SNP from chromosome 6 (oar3_OAR6_116402578). Additional loci that were significantly associated with ACC and in strong LD with these hits are not shown; full GWAS results are provided in Table S5 and Table S6. A and B indicate the reference alleles. P-values are given for a Wald test of an animal model with SNP genotype fitted as a fixed effect; those in boldface type were genome-wide significant. VSNP is the variance attributed to the SNP and Prop. VA is the proportion of the additive genetic variance explained by the SNP. Effect AB and BB are the effect sizes of genotypes AB and BB, respectively, relative to the model intercept at genotype AA. The numbers of unique individuals for all sheep, females, and males are approximately N = 813, 586, and 227, respectively. Numbers in parentheses are standard errors