Table 1 Data set information and animal model results of ACC
SexNOBSNFIDsNXoversMeanVPVAh2e2P (h2)
Both333081398,42029.56 (0.11)29.56 (0.83)4.28 (0.85)0.15 (0.03)0.85 (0.02)6.88 × 10−15
Female213458657,61327.00 (0.10)31.71 (1.06)5.04 (0.82)0.16 (0.02)0.84 (0.02)4.76 × 10−12
Male119622740,80734.12 (0.09)25.21 (1.16)2.97 (0.84)0.12 (0.03)0.88 (0.03)0.022
  • NOBS, NFIDs, and NXovers indicate the number of ACC measures, the number of FIDs, and the total number of crossovers observed, respectively. Mean is that of the raw data, and VP and VA are the phenotypic and additive genetic variances, respectively. The heritability h2 and residual effect e2 are the proportions of phenotype variance explained by the additive genetic and residual variances, respectively. P (h2) is the significance of the additive genetic effect (h2) as determined using a model comparison approach (see text). VA and heritability were modeled using genomic relatedness. Figures in parentheses are standard errors.