Table 3 Summary of multiple regression with five explanatory variables for 4D site diversity
VariableEstimateSESSRSSF1,1461P (>F)Partial R2VIF
Gene density−0.01270.0010122.8761230.8162.028<2.2e-16*0.09981.483
GC content−0.00360.000814.3911122.418.9771.416e-05*0.01281.076
  • Calculated for 100-kb windows (R2 = 0.340; adjusted R2 = 0.339; F5,1461 = 151.1; P < 2.2e-16). , recombination rate; Dn, number of nonsynonymous substitutions; dS, synonymous substitutions per synonymous site; SS, sum of squares; RSS, residual sum of squares; VIF, variance inflation factor; *P ≤ 0.05.