Table 4 Percentage of CreA::GFP localized to the nucleus, as determined by microscopy, in the wild-type and CreA-truncated strains in the presence of different carbon sources and after transfer from glucose to cellulose or after the addition of glucose to cellulose-grown cultures
StrainGlucose 16 hrAvicel 16 hrXylan 16 hrGlucose 16 hr + transfer to Avicel 6 hrCellulose 16 hr and glucose 30 min
CreA ΔAlan::GFP100%48.4%*40.7%63.5%*100%
CreA ΔAcid::GFP100%No germination28.2%4.0%No germination
CreA ΔConsv::GFP97%No germination90.4%**80.6%**No germination
CreA ΔRepr::GFP98.6%83.9%**76.8%**81.4%**100%
  • Between 200 and 300 nuclei were counted for biological duplicates in each condition (*P < 0.01, **P < 0.001 in a one-tailed equal-variance Student’s t-test between the wild-type and truncated strains for each condition).