Table 6 Percentage of CreA::GFP localized in the nucleus, as determined by microscopy
ConditionCreA in the nucleus (%)Number of nuclei
Glucose 16 hr91.3391
Transfer to leucine 30 min60.6*188
Transfer to leucine 60 min67.5*268
Transfer to leucine 180 min88.3290
Transfer to leucine 360 min85.5303
Transfer to valine 30 min75.7305
Transfer to valine 60 min68.1*254
Transfer to valine 180 min88.2254
Transfer to valine 360 min88.0217
  • Strains were grown overnight in glucose-rich medium and then transferred to 50 mM leucine or 50 mM valine for 30–360 min (*P < 0.01 in a one-tailed equal-variance Student’s t-test between the different amino acid conditions when compared to the glucose control condition).