Table 1 Membrane channel or transporter proteins expressed in the excretory canal cell
Canal-expressed genesHuman homologs (if present)Associated vertebrate diseases or traitsC. elegans gene reference(s)Disease references
INX-3, 5, 12, 13None (invertebrate innexin gap junction proteins)Altun et al. 2009
AQP-2, 3, 8Aquaporin 3, 9, 10GIL blood groupHuang et al. 2007; Khan et al. 2013Rumsey and Mallory 2013
VHA-1, 5, 8, 12, 13, 19Vacuolar ATPase (ATP-dependent proton pump)Renal distal tubular acidosis, osteopetrosisOka et al. 1997; Liegeois et al. 2006, 2007; Hahn-Windgassen and Van Gilst 2009; Knight et al. 2012Breton and Brown 2013
APTS-2, Y70G10A.3SLCO4A1, C1 solute carrier organic anion transportersReduction of renal-failure-induced hypertensionSherman et al. 2005Suzuki et al. 2011
SULP-4, 5, 8SLC26A4, A6 sulfate permease anion exchanger, (pendrin)Pendred syndromeSherman et al. 2005Everett et al. 1997; Soleimani 2015
NHX-9NHE3 cation proton antiporter and ezrin linkerCongenital Na+ diarrheaNehrke and Melvin 2002Donowitz et al. 2013
MRP-2, PGP-3, 4, 12ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transportersChemotherapeutics resistance, cholestasisZhao et al. 2005; Armstrong and Chamberlin 2010Srivastava 2014
NAC-2SLC13A3Association with Canavan disease, hypertensionArmstrong and Chamberlin 2010Bergeron et al. 2013
Na+-coupled dicarboxylate transporter
TWK-36KCNK4 (TRAAK,TWiK) mechanosensitive potassium channelSalkoff et al. 2001Brohawn 2015
CLH-3, 4CLCN1 voltage-sensitive chloride channel 1Bartter syndrome (hyponatremia), myotonia congenital diseaseSchriever et al. 1999; Hisamoto et al. 2008Andrini et al. 2015; Imbrici et al. 2015
EXC-4CLIC4 chloride intracellular channel 4X-linked intellectual disabilityBerry et al. 2003; Berry and Hobert 2006Takano et al. 2012; Jiang et al. 2014
GTL-2TRPM3,6,7 transient receptor potential magnesium channelsHypomagnesemiaTeramoto et al. 2010; Wang et al. 2014aLi et al. 2006; de Baaij et al. 2015