Table 2 Rescue of lat1, lat2, and lat3 mutations by a PTUB2:NAP1 construct
Cross of nap1-2 (pMO531 construct) byNo. of tetrads examinedPhenotypes of segregantsaGenotypes of ParoR LatR segregantsb
ParoR LatRParoR LatSParoS LatRParoS LatS
lat1-57140684 nap1-2, 4 nap1-2 lat1-5
lat2-11224014104 nap1-2, 4 nap1-2 lat2-1
lat3-15c130874 nap1-2, 1 lat3-1, 3 nap1-2 lat3-1
  • a Resistance or sensitivity to 5 µM LatB (LatR or LatS) and to 10 µg/ml paromomycin (ParoR or ParoS) was tested on TAP plates at 24°.

  • b For each cross, the genotypes of eight ParoR LatR segregants were determined by allele-specific PCR (see Materials and Methods). Note that in the particular nap1-2 (pMO531 construct) transformant used in these crosses, the pMO531-derived construct was apparently inserted at a site close to the NAP1 locus itself, resulting in the linkage observed between paromomycin resistance and nap1-2.

  • c Two complete tetrads, one complete octad, and two incomplete octads were analyzed.