Table 1 Results of competitive mating assays
Male genotypeNonwhite offspring (%)Expected nonwhite offspring (%)χ2 (P-value)
Tre1-GAL4/Y; UAS-TraF304 (49.1)232 (37.5%)35.6 (P < 0.0001)
Tre1EP496/Y65 (9.9)329 (50)422.1 (P < 0.001)
Tre1-GAL4/Y141 (43.8)161 (50)4.7 (P = 0.030)
  • w1118 virgin females were presented with equal numbers of mutant/experimental males and w1118 males. While Tre1-GAL4/Y; UAS-TraF males have a competitive advantage over wild-type males, both Tre1EP496/Y and Tre1-GAL4/Y were at a disadvantage when competing with wild-type males. All mating assays were performed in the dark.