Table 2 Maximum-likelihood estimates of divergence and migration between H. m. rosina and H. cydno
θ Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageT (τ)M
IM estimatesa1.253.241.901.50
Scaled IM estimatesb1.10 (1.02–1.18)2.85 (2.55–3.23)1.04 (0.91–1.18) MY(1.32–1.68)
Expected estimatesc1.223.531.971.40
  • aUnder the best model Embedded Image Embedded Image is the scaled mutation rate in H. cydno.

  • bEmbedded Image in Embedded Image individuals, τ in MY, 95% C.I. in parentheses.

  • cMean across parametric bootstrap replicates.