Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study
BJ5464MATα ura3-52 trp1 leu2Δ1 his3Δ200 pep4::HIS3 prb1Δ1.6R can1 GAL
FY23 (S288c background)MATa ura3-52 leu2Δ1 trp1Δ63
EAY2402FY23, top3Δ::KANMX
EAY3623FY23, rmi1Δ::KANMX
EAY1269FY23, lys2::insE-A14
EAY1375FY23, msh6Δ::hisG, lys2::insE-A14
EAY1373FY23, msh3Δ::hisG, lys2::insE-A14
J1022 (W303 background)MATa top3ts (E447K,S583L), ade2-1, can1-100, his3-11,15, leu2-3,112, trp1-1, ura3-1
EAY1141ho HMLα mat∆::leu2::hisG hmr-3∆, mal2, leu2, trp1, thr4::[THR4 ura3-A(205bp) HOcs URA3-A], ade3::GAL-HO::NAT
EAY2881EAY1141, top3ts::HPHMX
EAY3206EAY1141, rmi1ts-2 (N103K W168R, L192S, F215Y)::KANMX
EAY3203EAY1141, rm1ts-3 (L50I E60G N103K S137G, R211G, K236R)::KANMX
EAY3280EAY1141, msh6-KQFF > AAAA::KANMX
EAY3652EAY1141, POL30::KANMX
EAY3657EAY1141, pol30-201::KANMX
EAY3662EAY1141, pol30-204::KANMX
EAY3669EAY1141, pol30-216::KANMX
EAY 1387EAY1141, msh6Δ::KANMX
EAY1143ho HMLα, mat∆::leu2::hisG, hmr-3∆, mal2, leu2 trp1 thr4::[THR4 ura3-F(205bp) HOcs URA3-A], ade3::GAL-HO::NAT
EAY2916EAY1143, top3ts::HPHMX
EAY3210EAY1143, rmi1ts-2::KANMX
EAY3214EAY1143, rmi1ts-3::KANMX
EAY3281EAY1143, msh6-KQFF > AAAA::KANMX
EAY3655EAY1143, POL30::KANMX
EAY3660EAY1143, pol30-201::KANMX
EAY3666EAY1143, pol30-204::KANMX
EAY3671EAY1143, pol30-216::KANMX
SJR328MATα, ade2-101, his3Δ200, ura3-Nhe, lys2ΔRV::hisG, leu2-R
SJR769SJR328, cβ2/cβ2:LEU2, homologous 350 bp substrates
GCY615SJR328, cβ2/cβ2-ns:LEU2, 1.3% sequence divergent, predicted to form four, base-base mismatches in the 350 bp cβ2 substrates
GCY559SJR328, cβ2/cβ2-4L:LEU2, predicted to form four 4-nt loops in the 350 bp cβ2 substrates
2μ Plasmids
pRS424, TRP1
pRS425, LEU2
pRS426, URA3
pEAM249MSH2, , TRP1
pEAM42MSH2, , URA3
pEAM251MSH3, , TRP1
pEAM56MSH3, , LEU2
pEAM252MSH3, , URA3
pEAM99MSH6, , TRP1
pEAM101MSH6, , LEU2
pEAM250MSH6, , URA3
pEAM261msh6-F337A, , TRP1
pEAM257msh6-KQFF > AAAA, , TRP1
pEAM258msh6-KQFF > AAAA, , URA3
pEAM58MLH1, PMS1, , TRP1
pEAM254POL30, , TRP1
pEAM253SGS1, , TRP1
pEAM259TOP3, RMI1, , TRP1
pEAM63EXO1, , TRP1
pEAM256RAD1, RAD10, , TRP1
pEAM255SAW1, , TRP1
  • FY23 was obtained from Winston et al. (1995); J1022 from Wagner et al. (2006); EAY1141 and EAY1143 from Sugawara et al. (2004); and SJR328, SJR769, GCY615, GCY559 from Nicholson et al. (2000). The indicated genes were all cloned into pRS424-426 2 micrometer plasmids (Christianson et al. 1992).