Table 5 Recombination rates in strains overexpressing MMR proteins as measured in the inverted repeat reporter assay
Strain2μ vectorRate of His+ recombination (×10−6)Homologous rate/homeologous ratea
Cβ2-Cβ2pRS4260.64 (0.47–0.90)b
MSH61.5 (0.68–2.44)*
msh6 KQFF > AAAA2.1 (1.38–2.96)**
MSH31.1 (0.66–1.65)**
MSH20.54 (0.26–0.72)
Cβ2/Cβ2-nspRS4260.04 (0.02–0.08)16
MSH60.80 (0.60–1.31)**1.9
msh6 KQFF > AAAA0.07 (0.03–0.12)30
MSH30.08 (0.03–0.16)14
MSH20.04 (0.01–0.06)14
Cβ2/Cβ2-4LpRS4260.10 (0.05–0.56)6.4
MSH61.57 (1.12–1.81)**0.96
msh6 KQFF > AAAA0.29 (0.11–0.36)7.2
MSH30.06 (0.05–0.09)18
MSH20.09 (0.04–0.13)6.0
Lee et al. 2007
Cβ2-Cβ2Wild type2.7 (2.5–3.8)
msh2Δ5.5 (4.7–9.2)
msh6Δ2.0 (1.3–2.4)
msh3Δ6.6 (6.2–9.6)
Cβ2/Cβ2-nsWild type0.16 (0.15–0.22)16.9
msh2Δ8.7 (5.2–10)0.6
msh6Δ2.2 (1.9–2.4)0.9
msh3Δ1.8 (1.2–2.4)3.7
Cβ2/Cβ2-4LWild type0.25 (0.15–0.30)10.8
msh2Δ6.7 (6.5–8.4)0.8
msh6Δ0.27 (0.21–0.34)7.4
msh3Δ7.6 (6.6–9.1)0.9
  • Homeologous recombination rates and 95% confidence intervals were calculated as described in Materials and Methods from 13–25 individual cultures. The genotypes of the strains are shown in Table 1. Cβ2/Cβ2, homologous substrate; Cβ2/Cβ2-ns, base–base mismatch substrate; Cβ2/Cβ2-4L, 4-nt loop mismatch substrate.

  • a Homologous rate (Cβ2-Cβ2)/homeologous rate for strains with the same overexpression plasmid. bNumbers in parentheses indicate 95% confidence intervals. *Significantly different from wild type of the same strain (P < 0.05, Mann–Whitney test). **Significantly different from wild type of the same strain (P < 0.01, Mann–Whitney test). Published data of msh2Δ, msh6Δ, and msh3Δ along with wild-type strains from Lee et al. 2007 are provided for Cβ2-Cβ2, Cβ2/Cβ2-ns, and Cβ2/Cβ2-4L strain backgrounds for reference purposes.